Lab Certified Natural 3.35 Carat Ceylon White Sapphire Gemstone


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The Ceylon White Sapphire Gemstone is a lab certified natural gemstone that originates from Sri Lanka. It has a color grade of D and clarity grade of VVS2. This oval cut gemstone measures 9x7mm with dimensions of 3.35 carats. The Sapphire is a rare gemstone, which comes from the country of Sri Lanka. The color of this stone ranges from blue to purple and has been known for centuries as one of the most beautiful and valuable gemstones in the world. It has been used for many different purposes throughout history including making jewelry and religious artifacts.

  • Mohs Scale rating: 9.5
  • Resistance to scratches: Excellent
  • Comparison to other sapphires: This gemstone has a higher hardness than most other sapphires, making it less likely to scratch or chip.

A Ceylon White Sapphire Gemstone is an oval shaped gemstone that has been cut to maximize light refraction. The refractive index of a gemstone is the ratio between the velocity of light in vacuum and its velocity in the medium. A higher refractive index means that more light will be reflected back out of the stone, making it appear brighter and more vibrant. The ideal cut for a Ceylon White Sapphire would be an oval shape with maximum reflection and minimum absorption.
The best way to determine whether you have purchased an authentic Ceylon White Sapphire is through lab certification testing by an independent third party such as Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

  • Certification:
    Certification is a process that ensures the stone you’re buying is genuine and has been ethically sourced. It also guarantees that the gemstone has been cut and polished to a high standard, which means it will be more durable and have better clarity than uncertified stones.
  • Color grading:
    The color of your sapphire will vary depending on its hue, tone, saturation and depth–and these factors determine how much it’s worth in terms of price.
  • Clarity grading: The clarity grade refers to how many imperfections are visible within your gemstone.

Additional information

Certificate Type

GII India

Stone Type

White sapphire

Stone Shape


Stone Weight

3Cts to 5Cts

Stone Color

Pale White

Stone Cut





Sri Lanka


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Who all can wear white sapphire?

The people who are born on Leo, Virgo and Gemini are favorable to wear white sapphire.

Which finger is best for white sapphire?

According to astrology, it is best suited for the ring finger which represents love, marriage and harmony in life. However, if you are born under Cancer sign then there are chances that your marriage may not work out well because this stone has negative effects on Cancer sign.

Are white sapphires good luck?

yes, because it is recommended for those who want to bring peace into their lives, as well as those who want to eliminate negative thoughts from their minds. White Sapphire is a gemstone that cleanses your aura, brings tranquility in life and gives inner energy for self improvement.

What can damage a sapphire?

Sapphire is an extremely hard, durable stone that doesn't require special care. The most common way that sapphires are damaged is by being scratched. Cleaning your sapphire properly can help protect it from damage.