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The Brilliance Round cut diamond 3.24 Carat G color, VVS2 Clarity ab grown diamond is a stunning example of the beauty and elegance that diamonds can offer. To begin with, the Brilliance Round cut is one of the most popular and sought-after diamond cuts in the world. It is known for its brilliance and fire, which is created by the way the diamond is cut and the angles of its facets. The round cut is also incredibly versatile, as it can be set in a variety of settings and styles.

The 3.24 carat weight of the diamond is another impressive feature. Carat weight is a measure of a diamond’s size, and a 3.24 carat diamond is considered to be a substantial size. This weight, combined with the round cut, makes the diamond a true showstopper.The G color of the diamond is also noteworthy. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) rates diamonds on a scale from D to Z, with D being the most colorless and Z being the most yellow. A G color diamond is considered to be near-colorless, which means that it has very little yellow or brown tint. This enhances the diamond’s brightness and makes it appear even more brilliant.

Finally, the VVS2 clarity of the diamond is yet another impressive feature. Clarity refers to the number and size of inclusions, or imperfections, in the diamond. VVS2 is a very high clarity grade, which means that the diamond has only very minor inclusions that are difficult to see even under magnification. This enhances the Certified diamond’s overall beauty and makes it even more valuable.

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How are Lab Grown CVD Diamond Made?

Lab Grown CVD Diamonds are made in a process called chemical vapour deposition (CVD). During this process, the carbon atoms that make up a diamond are transported from a gas source and deposited onto a diamond seed crystal. The layers that result from this process are so thin (approximately 2 - 3 microns or 1/100th the thickness of a human hair) that they are invisible to the naked eye. The round brilliant is the most popular shape because it has the highest light return, giving a superior level of sparkle and fire without additional cutting.

What are the 4CS and which C is most Important?

The 4Cs of Diamonds are cut, color, clarity and carat. The primary concern is to make sure each C is as effective as possible. Cut is most important as it directly affects brilliance and fire (sparkle), Color has to do with how white the diamond is or whether it has tints of yellow or brown. The four Cs are all equally important as each one supports another.

How do you determine if a diamond is real?

One of the main reasons is to assure them of its authenticity, quality and value. The first piece of advice I would give them is to have their diamonds certified by an independent gemological lab.

Is a round brilliant cut diamond good?

This is a round brilliant cut diamond. It has 56 facets, which allow maximum amount of light to enter the diamond, giving it a fire and sparkle. This is what makes this cut so beautiful.

Why round brilliant cut is more expensive?

It’s more expensive because it takes longer to produce, and it looks more flashy than other cuts. It’s also cut so that the facets reflect light rays, which makes it sparkle more. Round brilliant is the most popular style in cut diamonds, and that’s why it’s more expensive.