Natural Unheated Untreated 8.30 Carat Neelam Gemstone

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8.30 Carat Neelam Gemstone is a type of blue sapphire found in Sri Lanka. It’s known for its deep blue hue and high quality, which makes it one of the most sought-after gemstones in the world. Neelams can be found in various shades of blue, ranging from light to dark and even violet or greenish hues. The value of a neelam gemstone is determined by its size, color, clarity and cut (shape).

What Makes the 8.30 Carat Unheated Untreated Neelam Gemstone Special?

The 8.30 carat unheated Untreated Neelam Gemstone is a rare and beautiful stone that has not been subjected to any heat or chemical treatments. This makes it one of the highest quality sapphires available today and it is also said to bring great luck and fortune to its wearer.
The 8.30 carat unheated Untreated Neelam Gemstone is an excellent choice for people who want something truly unique, but don’t want to spend thousands on an expensive diamond engagement ring or other jewelry piece made from natural materials like gold or platinum which can be easily damaged if worn every day in order for them not lose their value over time due
to wear n tear caused by normal use (like everyday wear).

The 8.30 Carat Unheated Untreated Neelam Gemstone is said to bring its wearer prosperity and joy. It also increases wisdom and mental clarity, while improving communication skills and creativity. The 8.30 carat unheated untreated Neelam gemstone is associated with the Throat Chakra which represents communication, self-expression and truthfulness.

The Power of the Neelam Gemstone

The Neelam gemstone is associated with Saturn and brings about great mental clarity and focus. It enhances spiritual growth and abundance, making it an excellent choice for those who are looking to expand their horizons in life and Neelam gemstone also promotes selflessness, helping you see the world from another’s perspective so that you can better understand them. This makes them excellent stones for those who want to connect with others on a deeper level or simply make new friends!

Lastly the 8.30 Carat Unheated Untreated Neelam Gemstone is a powerful stone. It’s also very beautiful, and can be used in many ways. Here are some ideas:

  • Wear or carry it. The 8.30 Carat Unheated Untreated Neelam Gemstone has been known to help people who are feeling stressed or depressed to feel calmer and happier by simply being near them! Finally if you’re going through a difficult time, try wearing this gemstone every day until things get better–you’ll notice how much better you feel after just a few weeks!
  • Use in meditation or prayer. Meditation with this amazing crystal will bring about positive changes in your life that can last for years after meditating with it!
  • Place in a room or near a window where you can enjoy the beauty of this magnificent stone every day!

Additional information

Certificate Type

G.I.I. India

Stone Type

Blue Sapphire

Stone Shape


Stone Weight

7Cts to 10Cts

Stone Color


Stone Cut





Sri Lanka

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Who can wear Blue Sapphire?

You can wear blue sapphire for any purpose according to your astrological sign. Blue sapphire is beneficial for every sign of zodiac but depending on the personal effect, wearing a particular type of blue sapphire is preferred by each person. The real value of this gem lies in its natural color, which is usually dark Blue, Light blue and Greenish blue . As far as your horoscope is concerned, you must know that it looks good on those people who have their sun sign in Gemini, Virgo and Aries.

Procedure To Wear Neelam Stone
Day of Wearing : Saturday
Metal for Wearing : Silver or White Gold
Finger for Wearing : Middle Finger
Mantra For Wearing : Aum Sham Shanaish-charaaye Namah.

Benefits of Blue Sapphire?

Blue sapphire, who is a very helpful stone, is often used in astrological benefit. It helps to increase peace and calmness in a person. Blue sapphire also protects you against evil spirits, and evil people by reducing the negative energy around you. This stone also helps you reduce your stress level and become more focused during stressful situations.

Blue sapphire Origin?

The blue sapphire originates in Sri Lanka and Madagascar, two of the world's largest producers of this beautiful gemstone. Blue sapphires are available in many colors ranging from sky blue to violet-blue to peacock blues. The color they acquire depends upon the presence of trace elements such as iron and titanium.