4.51 Carat Pear Shape Lab Grown CVD Diamond

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For those who desire a diamond that is not only dazzling but also ethically sound, our 4.51 carat G color VVS2 clarity pear shape lab grown CVD diamond is an excellent choice. This lab grown diamond is made using state-of-the-art chemical vapor deposition (CVD) technology, which mimics the high pressure and temperature conditions that occur deep beneath the Earth’s surface where natural diamonds form. This results in a diamond with the same physical, chemical, and optical properties as a natural diamond, but without the environmental and social concerns associated with diamond mining.

This pear shape diamond boasts an impressive G color rating, which is a near-colorless rating and highly desirable. Additionally, it has a VVS2 clarity rating, which means that it has very few inclusions that are barely visible under 10x magnification. The pear shape of this diamond is both classic and sophisticated, making it an excellent choice for engagement rings, anniversary gifts, or any special occasion.

By selecting a lab grown diamond like our 4.51 carat G color VVS2 clarity pear shape CVD diamond, you are making a responsible and sustainable choice for the environment and the diamond industry. Invest in a diamond that is both stunningly beautiful and ethically responsible with our 4.51 carat G color VVS2 clarity pear shape lab grown CVD diamond.

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What do I need to know about pear shaped diamonds?

Pear diamonds are versatile and work with most jewelry styles and designs, due to their uniquely shaped cut. When looking for a pear shaped diamond, consider its weight, color and clarity grades, as well as any special features that may affect its value and price.

Are pear shaped diamonds good?

Yes, pear shaped diamonds are definitely good! They have their own unique style and personality, which makes them stand out from round and marquise diamonds. The best thing about pear shaped diamonds is that they can be any shape and size as long as it’s not undefined or asymmetrical.

Why choose pear shaped diamond?

Pear shaped diamonds are highly sought after and perfect for numerous diamond jewelry designs. They also feature greater depth and width, which makes them ideal for use in diamond engagement rings. The elongated shape of pear-shaped diamonds adds elegance to any occasion and is a popular choice among brides.

What is the proper way to wear a pear shaped diamond?

The best way to wear a pear shaped diamond is as a pendant. This allows the eye to look at all sides of the stone and take in the shape without being distracted by any other setting or cut.

What does pear shape symbolize?

The pear shape symbolizes the concept of patience, wisdom, and understanding.